Wednesday, December 6, 2023

It All Starts Here

Opportunity abounds. No really, you just need to know where – and how – to look. First things first, not every opportunity will be right for you. That’s a given. If you’re a sculptor, a painting prize won’t be your surest bet. But for every artist, there are numerous opportunities that could turn into reality. The trick is being willing to put in the time and effort. Part of your daily-weekly-yearly artist business practice must be the identification and pursuit of new horizons. Grants, residencies, competitions, there is simply a multitude of ways artists can make a bigger mark. Here are a few to get you started.

The Burke Prize invites artists to apply for an unrestricted award of $50,000. This is, in their own words, “a biannual contemporary art prize for a new generation of artists working in a world of expanded media with a foundation in glass, fiber, clay, metal, or wood.” For more information and to apply, visit the website. Deadline for applications is April 28.

Artists age 35 and under are invited to apply for The Future Generation Art Prize. This global contemporary art prize seeks to “discover, recognize and give long-term support to a future generation of artists.” Learn more by visiting the website. Deadline for applications is April 30.

PleinAir Magazine invites all painters – not just plein air painters – to submit their work for the chance to win $15,000 and their work on the cover of the magazine. There is a fee for entry. For more information, visit the website. Deadline for submissions is April 30.

Praxis Center understands that the art world can feel overwhelming. We have assembled a team to help guide you on your journey as you take steps toward the career you’ve always wanted. Our courses are designed with real, working artists in mind and our experts have what it takes to help you find your way. Why not give Praxis a try today and see how far it can take you.

Brainard Carey is an author, artist and educator. He is the director of Praxis for Aesthetics. He has written six books for artists, most recently Making it in the Art World.

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