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​Artist solves design problem and creates passive income.

Andrew Bordwin is an artist, and for many years he worked collaboratively with another artist creating different projects.

Of all the art projects he created, one of them turned into a passive income. He noticed that the targets used in shooting ranges for target practice were often badly made. The targets he saw were made of photographs of threatening situations and drawings of zombies, both of which Andrew though were made poorly in terms of the composition and aesthetics of the images.

He created a series of photographic targets for an exhibition, and then he and his partner decided to try to license the images they created to target printers. They did exactly that, and to this day the targets keep selling and they both receive a passive income from it.

I wanted to share this, because as an artist you may have already had an idea for improving a design you see every day, and this is an example of how using that creativity, that design-sense that all artists have, could turn into an income.

Click here to see his images.





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