Friday, September 22, 2023
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​Patreon – for finding Patrons!

There are more websites designed for helping artists and creative people fundraise than ever. The idea of crowd-funding which took off with Kickstarter has spawned numerous other similar ideas.

All of the different fundraising platforms have slightly different approaches. Kickstarter is project oriented, and the project must be fully-funded or you don’t get any pledged donations. Indiegogo is similar to Kickstarter, but you do get the partial funding even if your goal isn’t reached.

Then there is Patreon which I want to discuss the importance of in terms of building a consistent income.

Patreon is a site that allows you to receive monthly support. So instead of a one-time payment, patrons commit to giving you a certain amount each month, say, 10 dollars.

Thus, 100 supporters amount to a consistent 1,000 a month income. There is also another method from Patreon where you get funded not monthly, but per “thing” meaning per painting or cd or other objects.

All these ideas sound a bit abstract at first, I know, but begin by checking out the site, which may be a fit for your own work or projects – or not.

I would suggest becoming a patron for just a dollar of someone who is doing well on Patreon and then you will get emails from them and will see how it all works.

Click here to explore Patreon.



P.S. Below is a screen shot from Patreon of an artist generating a monthly income. These figures can range from single digits to thousands a month for some.



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