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Are You Ready To Shake Off The Chill?

As the last clutch of cold grips the Northeast U.S., the time has come to begin shaking off winter’s muffled energy and embrace the coming renewal of spring. Soon the grass will be green and the birds will sing. What will you be doing then? Artists are particularly obligated to make their own way in terms of finding fresh horizons for their personal and professional advancement, but the good news is that opportunities abound if you know where to look. Here are a few to get you started:

Join SOZO Fellowship Pilot, a 6-month coaching program for mid-career artists. Gain entrepreneurship skills, community support, and a $2,000 honorarium to propel your career and creative pursuits. For more information and to apply, visit the website. Deadline is April 18.

The ND Folk Arts Apprenticeship program supports the preservation of diverse traditions, offering up to $4,500 for master artists to mentor apprentices. Multiple grants are allowed; first-time applicants are advised to consult the program officer. Visit the website for more details. Deadline is April 19.

The Black Genius Foundation’s Strokes of Genius program supports Black creatives in the US with funding for innovative projects, prioritizing those with a proven track record and distinct artistic vision. To learn more, visit the website. Deadline for submissions is April 21.

Praxis Center believes that art is a year-round endeavor. We understand that it can be an enormous challenge to carry on a thriving art career, but we are here to help. We gather experts and opportunities from around the art world to help further your pursuits in every way. Give Praxis a try today and see how far it can take you.

Brainard Carey is an author, artist and educator. He is the director of Praxis Center for Aesthetics. He has written six books for artists: Making it in the Art World, New Markets for Artists, The Art World Demystified, Fund Your Dreams Like a Creative Genius, Sell Online Like a Creative Genius and Succeed with Social Media Like a Creative Genius.


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