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​Saul Ostrow Interview and Webinar for Patrons & Sponsors

Today I am sharing a recent interview with you and also giving you a link to sign up for a free webinar I am doing on finding and working with patrons & sponsors for your art.

The interview is with Saul Ostrow, an artist that has been around for awhile and is doing something I really like; he created an institution that is now private and publicly funded with a staff. I don’t want to give away exactly what his organization does, but it is called Critical Practices Inc., and I can tell you what he did is something unique that only an artist would think of. In fact it became his art in a way, or it surpassed his art perhaps, but either way he is in a very creative atmosphere in the art world, and his projects from CPI have been in the Whitney Biennial and all over the world.

I think you will enjoy the interview. Click here to listen to it and read about CPI. or here->

Also, I am giving a free webinar this coming Tuesday at 8pm EST on Finding and working with patrons and sponsors for your work, so if you are around, I would love for you to attend online. You can sign up for it and get all the information, by clicking right here.

I think what Saul Ostrow did is a type of large-scale funding for art, though he might not see it that way, but essentially he is an artist that found something truly creative and he is the director overseeing a staff and getting an income, and I think it is a fascinating model that will probably be used more by artists in the future.



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