Friday, March 1, 2024

Big Ask

We write for you. Here at Praxis Center, our blog is intended to inspire and energize you. Posts like this help artists navigate the sometimes confusing waters of patrons and sponsors. While this may feel like something entirely outside your comfort zone, believe that it can be the key to unlock a very important piece of your financial puzzle.

While it may sound unrealistic or completely disquieting to reach out to strangers and ask them to fund your art career, believe that there are patrons and sponsors out there who are ready and willing to step in on your behalf. Some of our Praxis students have discovered this for themselves.

Our students have experienced again and again the power that comes from stepping outside the narrow bounds of comfort and making the big ask. Praxis student Laura in her own words:

Thank you for this affirmation of effort, Brainard Carey, and I received a $1500.00 donation that will pay for the residency and the supplies that I had put on a credit card.

Thank you Brainard for this course. Grateful!

At Praxis Center we are committed to helping you (yes, you) further your career. We know the ins and outs of the art world and have the keys to help you unlock every level. Whether it’s time management, reaching out to galleries or the specter of asking for assistance from patrons and sponsors, we are here for you ever step of the way. We employ experts in the field to help you ensure that you’re on the right path. Not only that, when you subscribe for just $40/month you gain access to a community of peers and colleagues all going through the same process and ready to share their experiences and knowledge with you. Join today and find out just how far you can go with a little help from some friends you haven’t met yet.

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