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Computers & Nightmares for Artists

Applying to exhibition calls, grants, public competitions, and residencies, requires that you usually do a multitude of banal tasks like resizing this and that to particular dpi specs, none of which is standardized! It’s enough to make a lot of artists not want to apply for another grant or another show because of all the tedium of the samples and preparation and writing.

Today I want to share a few websites that can help you with this process so some of the tedium is gone and so that you can apply to more exhibitions. Essentially, you need an assistant! Since an assistant is not something most artists can afford, these are two resources to work around that.

1. For applying to multiple shows without going crazy, try café, a website that allows you to upload a portfolio and makes the whole process of applying to multiple opportunities that much easier –

2. If you find you need an assistant, to adjust your website, to rewrite your resume, to format something to make a graphic, or do long tedious, clerical-type tasks, or anything computer-related, consider hiring freelance help from Upwork. Upwork is a site where you can post a job, from “update my WordPress site” to “resize 50 images” or running facebook or google ads. Once you post your job, you will begin to get people applying from all over the world. Then you have to choose your freelancer.

Some tips for choosing your helper – pick “expert level” for any job. Look at the user feedback for your freelancer, make sure they have logged at least 200 hours on upwork, and have an over 90% success rate – and do not pay until the end of the job! Take a look at it below and get something done that you don’t feel like doing!



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