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Do You Need Some Help?

Whether during a time of hardship, or simply as a next step in your art career, grants are part of the bread and butter of many professional artists. They come in all sizes – some grand and carrying quite a lot of prestige, others more modest or even intended for emergency funding. Below find a few upcoming grant deadlines for you to investigate, whether you are an artist early in your career or more advanced – or in need of emergency assistance.

Every year, the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation awards approximately 175 fellowships. Thousands of artists apply for this prestigious honor, but that is no reason you shouldn’t be one of them. The application process does require some very specific written documents to accompany your work, but this is one to put on your lifetime list for sure. Visit the website for more information. Deadline for this year is September 17.

Artadia Awards are unrestricted grants of $10,000 for artists who live in one of the cities that the grantor partners with. Applications for each city are open online during particular cycles throughout the year. The next cycle is for artists who live and work in Atlanta and will open on September 15. For a complete list of partner cities and more information, visit the website. Deadline for the Atlanta cycle is October 15.

Artists Fellowship meets monthly from September to June to review applications from professional artists and their families in need of emergency aid due to illness, natural disaster, bereavement or unexpected extreme hardship. Artists must demonstrate need as well as professional status – meaning that their primary income is generated through sales and that they have an active exhibition archive. For more information, visit the website. Deadlines are rolling beginning in September.

Praxis Center believes in supporting artists at every stage of their careers. We know that the art world and be an unforgiving place, but we also know that it is filled with opportunity if you know where to look. We not only highlight some of those opportunities, we guide you step by step through the application process. Join us today and let your career move to the next level.

Brainard Carey is an author, artist and educator. He is the director of Praxis Center for Aesthetics. He has written six books for artists; Making it in the Art World, New Markets for Artists, The Art World Demystified, Fund Your Dreams Like a Creative Genius, Sell Online Like a Creative Genius and Succeed with Social Media Like a Creative Genius.


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