Sunday, September 24, 2023

Get Going!

Momentum is a beautiful thing. Once achieved, it can push you forward at a pace you’d never have thought possible. Of course, it takes work to build momentum, you have to be willing to begin and that can be the hardest part. Beginning requires the belief that this journey will be worth it. It requires the courage to break down your obstacles and step outside your comfort zone. But more often than not, our students find that once they get the ball rolling things have a way of picking up energy and speed and before they know it, life changing things are happening around every corner.

Take Praxis student Heather’s story for example. She was able to clear the way to sit with Praxis for a while and discovered that it sparked a whole lot of forward motion. In her own words (and emoji) –

Happy New Year! ?I’m finally at a point where I can focus on all the great information at Praxis and get all the assignments done. Brainard Carey, you’d be so proud of me. I’ve contacted over 70 amazing people who inspire me, since the year began, inviting them to become muses I am partnering with as focal points for 100 pieces I am putting into an art book to be published Fall of 2020. I’ve already completed 10 and have documented everything about their creation so I can make creative spotlight videos. 40% of those people have already gotten back to me with expressed interest. My website and artist information is coming together with the help of your classes and video gems. Lot’s of upgrades still evolving but I have a good base now to start.

That’s the power of Praxis Center. When our students take the time and put their minds to the material we have to offer, they unlock doors they never thought possible. Opportunity is there waiting for you if you know where to look. When you join Praxis for just $40/month, you are given the keys to your future. We give you the motivation to get started and before you know it you’ll be on a roll.

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