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Holiday Cards – To send by mail or email?

In this holiday season, there are always emails from artists, relatives, from companies, and from people you have done business with in the past.

Today I want to suggest instead of sending an email (or in addition to that) you consider sending a few envelopes or postcards or envelopes with cards inside. The reason for this is simple. We get many holiday emails, but very few holiday cards. It costs more to send cards, and it takes more time to hand write them, but the value of sending them by regular mail is much greater.

Consider sending a card to your favorite curators, gallerists, heroes, and anyone that you want to connect with more. You can use an image of your own or not, but just write a note that is kind, and leave off any reference to your website. I get cards like that at different times of the year, and I never forget the people who send them. That is why it is so valuable and so important to do. A kindness like a well written card is very memorable, and for those you want to work with one day, it is helpful to remain in their memory with a smile.

I think this is a good way to reach curators and other people anytime of the year, but why not start this week?

If you want a card from me, just reply and send me your mailing address.





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