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How Noah went from Unheard of to Hot

You know that feeling when you can tell things are starting to shift? When you sense the seismic change beneath your feet? For most people, this doesn’t happen overnight and for virtually no one does this happen without considerable effort.

Consider the case of Noah S., a Praxis community member who recently had the following to say:

“I’ve received 10 Patrons to fund my NYC trip. Also generated a lot of regular art sales! Seems people wanta get my work now that it’s so dang HOT! It’s going to be a great great trip! I hope to gleen a lot of info on the art scene and galleries I’ve followed via instagram.”

Making the decision to put in the time and effort it takes to go from artist in the shadows to someone who runs their art as a career, reaching out to those who can help further your success, is the first step toward building an art business.

But when was the last time that business courses were a strong component of any artistic education? Unfortunately, the ins and outs of the art business itself is often extremely elusive to those who pursue art both educationally and beyond. We are certainly not born with an innate sense of how to do this, and in today’s constantly changing digital world it can feel impossible to keep up.

Surrounding yourself with a network of peers, all of whom bring their own set of skills and knowledge to the game, can be a great way of starting to unlock the doors to success. Have a friend who runs an amazing website? Why not ask him to show you the ropes. Know somebody who writes a killer newsletter? Ask her to give you some pointers.

Many career paths include additional professional training far beyond the end of university. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, business people, they are all expected to constantly update and continue their education through training and continuing education credits.

Why not artists?

Well, for one thing, finding an outlet for this sort of thing can prove difficult. It isn’t every day you stumble across something solely dedicated to furthering the pursuits of career artists.

Enter Praxis Center. Our reason for existing is to provide exactly the sort of support that takes artists from obscurity to recognition. We offer tools to help you build every piece of your career while still maintaining time for doing what it is you do in the studio. We help artists like Noah find their footing and see that the world wants to see what you have to offer. For $40/month you unlock the keys to taking things to the next level. Let us be your guide.



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