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How to Navigate Desolate Roads

Have you ever been to Maine? Now, the thing about Maine is, there are several different Maines. There is southern Maine, the tourist spot that many people know and love with its sand beaches, bed and breakfasts, and souvenir shops. There is the lakes and mountains region of Maine, where Mt. Katahdin looms large over forests and waterways. And then there are the vast stretches of empty space. The long, evergreen lined roads that seem to go on forever without passing through civilization. This is a place where you can still find isolated spots where only moose and deer are frequent visitors. But if you travel some of those roads, you will find the most spectacular places.

A career is a bit like Maine. Sometimes things are lively, full of visitors, and art is flying off the walls while revenue streams inward. These times are very exciting. They make you feel like maybe this is it, you’ve finally made it.

But the art world isn’t static. Nothing is. Things change. Your work changes. What people want changes. So maybe you go from these bright, brilliant days to something more subdued. A few carefully laid out works, perhaps on a larger scale like the mountains. And maybe they sell. Maybe you find a patron or sponsor who will oversee a piece of things. These are the mountains, the big bites that maybe don’t come along every day but they do come along if you work hard and have patience.

And of course, there are the long stretches of empty road. Barren, desolate, perhaps beautiful in their own way, but seemingly endless. They are inevitable. Yawning caverns of empty space where it feels like maybe your career has hit an impenetrable wall.

These are the times when you are called upon more than any other to be a true artist. To make friends with yourself and your career and stay the course. Breathe deep and travel these long stretches in the knowledge that sometimes the most beautiful vistas lie at the end of very long roads.

On every adventure it is always nice to have a companion by your side. Whether it’s a hiking partner, a trusty dog, or a best friend. Praxis Center is your companion for the journey through this career you have chosen. We are your second, your right hand, here to help you navigate when the road feels long or the woods are deep. We aren’t just a team of experts in our field, we are a community. We are your peers. We know the journey you’re on and it is important to us that we share our knowledge so you can find your way. Rely on us to help guide you whether you’re stood on a sandy beach or lost on a desolate road.

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  1. As an artist and a frequent visitor to Maine I strongly identify and appreciate what you’ve written here. It rings true in every sense and it’s good to know that you’ve hit the nail on the head!!
    Thank you.
    Best, Jon


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