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I Don’t Have Enough Time!

At the end of a typical week, my friend Chloe sat down at my kitchen table one Friday evening and cried. Looking back on the previous days she realized that not only had she spent most of her time rushing and frustrated, she had also found barely any time to spend in her studio working on the art that sustained her.

Chloe had always been a self-confessed procrastinator and had never really learned to manage her time effectively. Sitting there at my kitchen table that night she decided it was time for a change.

By the following spring, Chloe had completely transformed her life. She found time to get all of her have tos done and managed to spend a little time every day in her studio. She even made time to apply for a handful of grants and residencies and scheduled others for the months ahead.

We all have busy lives. There are a million things pulling at us from every imaginable direction. It’s no wonder that many of us come up short when it comes to finding the time we desire to work on the things closest to our hearts.

You do not have to be ruled by your lack of time. Discover the transformative possibilities of time management just like Chloe did.

A few ways to start taking control of your own time are to:

  1. Make a list of all the things you wish to accomplish in a given time, whether a month, a week, or day to day.
  2. Use your list to create a schedule and stick to it
  3. Read some of the many books about time management available these days.

By just putting these basic tools to work for you, you begin the process of reshaping how you approach your limited time.

Time is fleeting. Life is short. There are a million little phrases out there that remind us of just how little time we actually have. Make the most of yours and achieve your dreams.

Of course, you may need a little more than just a book to nudge you in the right direction. Praxis Center offers a time management course for artists who are ready to take matters into their own hands and propel their art and their careers forward.



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