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If You Want to Know Yourself, do This First…

Travel is vital to understanding not just the world outside our comfort zones, but indeed those comfort zones themselves. We must see foreign lands in order to truly understand our own home. For artists, there are so many ways to get out and travel, whether for residency or exhibition. Here are a handful of ways to get out of the neighborhood for a bit while enriching your experience as a professional artist.

Supermarket 2019 is presently accepting applications for their spring art fair. Begun in 2007, Supermarket is more than just an art fair, with talks and performances as well as visual art. This is a largely artist run initiative and is open to artists from around the world. This year Supermarket also introduces a day-long forum where contributors can network with representatives of the local art scene in Sweden where the fair is held. There is also a magazine associated with the fair that seeks contributions. For more information and to enter your art for consideration, see their website. Deadline for submissions is October 31.

Arteles Creative Center in Finland invites artists to apply for their 2019 spring residency program. Artists from around the world are eligible for this one or two month program. Creative freedom is respected and encouraged at Arteles. The core values of the residency and the center itself embrace progress, personal growth and mindfulness offering a nurturing environment as well as a wide selection of creative gear and equipment to be accessed by participants. For complete information and to apply, visit the website. Deadline is November 8.

PhotoAccess invites international photographers to apply for their supported five week residency. The chosen artist will receive a generous stipend, a materials stipend, travel assistance and five weeks to work in PhotoAccess’ dark room. This residency takes place in Australia and is dedicated to the creation of innovative still or moving photo-based work. The residency culminates with a solo show. For complete details and to apply, visit the website. Deadline for applications is November 18 Australian EST–this means that the deadline is November 17 in many locations around the world.

At Praxis Center, we believe that artists should experience the world. Part of this is finding ways to travel while still furthering your career prospects and even being supported along the way whenever possible. Residencies and international art opportunities are often wonderful ways to find yourself in foreign lands at a fraction of the cost. Join Praxis today for just $40/month and find the support you need to land these opportunities and see the world.


Photo credit: PhotoAccess

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