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On Mindful Speaking

“First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.” -Epictetus

Mindful speech is a noble practice. Considering each word and phrase before freeing them into the world, asking ourselves whether they are useful, whether they are kind, can be a life changing experience. All speech carries power. We can incite joy or inflict pain with the smallest utterance. By examining our words before speaking them, we can create change that goes beyond ourselves. Speaking with mindful kindness, even in difficult situations, can be the difference between a life of conflict and a life of community.

Our interviews this week come to you from our newly redesigned website. With our users in mind, we have created a space for exploration and discovery where you can mingle with some of the greatest minds in the art world today. Please enjoy your visit and remember you are encouraged to participate by leaving titles of the books that are speaking to you right now. We love hearing from you and exchanging thoughts and ideas.

Lisa Le Feuvre, a London-based curator, writer, editor, and public speaker, is presently engaged in the exploration of the relationship between sculpture and prosthetics. Her work in sculpture has brought her to the helm of the Henry Moore Institute where she has worked since 2010. There she believes firmly in allowing invited artists to control the direction their work with the institute takes. “Artists know their work better than anyone else,” Le Feuvre says. This open curiosity seems present in all things she does. Of art, Le Feuvre says, “what characterizes everything we do is questions…when it comes to thinking about art you’ve go to ask questions, you’ve got to be difficult.”

Tom Leeser is an experimental filmmaker, curator, writer, and Program Director of Art and Technology at the Center for Integrated Media at CalArts. He also works as a curator, writer, and media artist. Presently he is collaborating with a composer to create a video project incorporating spoken word and tuba. Leeser has exhibited his work at Eyebeam, Santa Monica Museum of Art, and The Kitchen to name just a few. Of the blending of his practice as an artist and his work as an educator, Leeser says he holds on to “notions of progressive arts education in relationship to practice and doing.” His background in experimental filmmaking has led him to “favor more risk taking and experimental approach.”

Additional interviews include: Thomas Geiger, Andrew Demirjian, Stephen Glassman, Nina Subin, Faith Wilding, and Rocca Gutteridge

Interviews are available on iTunes as podcasts, and for Android please click here. All weekly essay pieces in a sharable format are here. The full archive of interviews here.

Books to Read

What are you reading? Add your titles to our reading list here. User Jennifer Hall has been indulging in Hans Cristian Andersen’s Fairy Tales, while Amy Fleming reads Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell.

Opportunities / Open Calls

Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado has an open call to experimental photographers for an opportunity to participate in a fully funded residency. Photographers working in experimental techniques such as Multiple Exposure and Intentional Camera Movement are encouraged to apply. Artists in residence are responsible for their own food, supplies, and miscellaneous expenses. The residency takes place during the last trimester of 2017 and deadline for submission is May 1.

A Few Words to Keep in your Pocket

Commit to speaking mindfully. Begin listening more and consider every response. Declutter your daily speech and strive always to speak with the intention of lifting up those around you.


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