Friday, December 8, 2023


This week I would like to focus on one organization and discuss the various opportunities available within. Pilotenkueche is a program run by artists for artists. They are located in an old factory in Leipzig, Germany and boast quite a lot of opportunities for the international artist community. The overall concept and goal of those who run the program is as follows:

“The team operates with a trans-disciplinary background between art, theory & diverse sciences. The goal is to provide artists with a base to work from, and acts as a conduit to the local art scene.”

Pilotenkueche currently has multiple opportunities available. Read on to see whether one of them might be right for you.

Presently, Pilotenkueche invites artists to submit for their open call for residency. Those selected will have 24 access to studio space in Leipzig, Germany for the duration of the residency. Funding is available to artists who receive a partial stipend during the residency period. The program is designed to foster collaboration and discussion between participants and the Leipzig community.

Another opportunity available through Pilotenkueche is their International Internship program. This is a no cost opportunity and offers participants “direct insight into the workflow of our international art program, a chance to connect with artists and expand of your personal network.” This is an ideal opportunity for students or enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in learning through the program but not ready to commit to a residency.

Curators looking for ways to make inroads into their career goals are invited to apply for the Emerging Curators program through Pilotenkueche. This opportunity provides the chance for curators to “engage with a group of artists and learn complex social, theoretical and practical aspects of accommodating various concepts and mediums in a single exhibition.”

The deadline for submissions for all three programs is December 30.

Opportunity comes in many forms. Sometimes it is purely financial support that allows you to take steps that would be otherwise unavailable. Other times a residency program can provide the chance to collaborate and share with a wider community. At Praxis Center, we strive to bring you opportunities of all kinds so that you can continue broaden your horizons, strengthen your network and advance your career. When you enroll with us for just $40/month you immediately access a toolkit designed with artists from every level in mind. Find your opportunity today and see what tomorrow brings.

Photo credit: Pilotenkueche





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