Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ride Along

And sometimes things take off! Praxis student Noah has experienced the sort of success possible when you put yourself out there for an international audience. His exposure is international and his willingness to connect as wide open as ever.

When Praxis students fulfill a major goal we often find that their ability to connect with the broader audience is expanded because of their own origins.

For many, the experience of Noah below resonates in that he wants to offer his wider success to others. In his own words:

Hey Gang! Keeping you up to date: So my career has taken OFF! I am as of September 22nd an international artist! As awesome as this is for me personally I haven’t stopped there!

I am using this new success and the doors it has opened up for me to expand the way people conceive the Art Scene both with in and without of my home community – Athens, GA. I am actively working with the Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau, the local Government of Athens, the Luxembourg Consul of Georgia, the US Ambassador in Luxembourg…. to name just a few, to do what I can to give back to my State and Community via bringing as much attention to one the simple idea as possible: Artist not only live in GA, they THRIVE in GA!

If you wish to be a part of this new phase of my career there is an awesome opportunity to do so:

No one should hesitate to reach out to Noah and his broader offer. While he may not have fully defined his wider reach, perhaps you can see it in his words. If this fits your bill, by all means seize the day. At Praxis Center you are part of a larger community, one that lifts each other up and recognizes the need for peer as well as expert involvement. When you enroll as a student, for just $40/month you receive access to both. Start your journey today.

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