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The industrial gallop

Although it has been made more acute by the industrial gallop, the perennial cycle of maps, empires, books, and trends has long remained the recurring theme in our human story. The realization may come late in life, but at some point, in some capacity, we each learn to admit that the truest constant in life is change. The two interviews showcased this week attempt and succeed in ushering their own forms of change, whether in the transformation of a community or merely the direction of a conversation.

Adaptive and inventive social spectator Christopher K. Ho fashions tangible articulations of natural and communal processes from his expansive intellectual wanderings. Ho’s multifaceted portfolio pens a slow poetry of shifting attitudes and phasing civilizations, carefully upturning the cold stones in the quarry of contemporary society. His recent trajectory aims to reinvigorate the stagnating methodologies of political expression in the global art scene, subverting the dominant rhetoric that has limited innovators to passive and indirect positions. Listen to his interview for details of Ho’s tactful exploration of conventional values in abstract manifestations.

Sage architect and public organizer Barabara Wilks can reconstruct a vacant lot or quiet sidestreet into a bustling nexus of activity. Accustomed to handling socially, ecologically, and aesthetically sensitive environments, Wilks and her team maintain rigorous standards of practice, which result in the creation of beautiful and balanced communal climates. Motivated by the spirit of integration, Wilks muddles the distinction between nature and metropolis, perceiving a dormant versatility in all domains artificial or organic. Discussed in her compelling interview are the universe of factors behind waterfront structures, attracting new forms of wildlife with fabricated ecosystems, and the joys of erecting spontaneous parks.

Additional interviews include: Greg Tate, Giuseppe Licari, Bob Gruen, Mary Temple, and Ivana Smiljanić.

Let us know what you are reading! Natasa Kokic, one of our users, is enjoying Art Power by critic and philosopher Boris Groys, an insightful text that confronts the preserved autonomy of art institutions and their cultural leverage in the faces of waxing and waning political ideologies. Daniel Meehan, another one of our users, is approaching the very subject through a finer lens, via Sarah Thornton’s Seven Days in the Art World, a collection of intimate narratives that unravels the homogenous but colorful fabric of the highest artistic echelons.

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The human mind holds a mirror to the world. The reflections of two minds stage an infinite duet.

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