Friday, September 22, 2023

The Twin Paradox

Imagine a set of twins. One twin remains on earth while the other rockets through space at nearly the speed of light. Upon returning to earth, the space-traveling twin discovers a sibling far advanced in age while the astronaut sibling has remained relatively young. The reasoning behind this has to do with how time operates in space. An object moving near or at the speed of light is able to, in a sense, circumvent time. While this is an established theory within the field of physics, an also established truth is that there is no such thing as traveling backward in time. No theory to date supports this concept.

So what?

Well, a few things. First, it is fair to say that the likelihood that any of us will be that time defying twin anytime soon is next to impossible. Humans have not figured out a way to conquer travel at or even near light speed. Second, when considering these concepts of physics, a hard science supported by reams of mathematics, we can easily apply these ideas to our daily lives.

Our time is limited. We cannot cheat the passage of time nor can we regain time that has gone by. For this reason, it is best not to dwell on the past and it is unwise to try to predict the future. All we have is now. In this moment, and in every moment, we can choose to strive fully toward the outcome we most desire.

As an independent artist building your own career, this means making decisions every minute of every single day that support the journey you are on. It means letting go of past mistakes or things that have given you pause about your path, learning from them and moving on. It means clearing the clutter in your mind to make room for the things that will advance you toward your goals.

Learn to manage your time, because time is truly one of your most precious assets. Every moment wasted is a moment you will never get back. Create strategies to maximize your working hours while being sure to include room for balance.

Take chances and risks, don’t put them off until the coast is clear or the time is right. Art is about being brutally honest in the moment, no matter how raw and exposing that may feel. Be brave.

Praxis Center dedicates itself to supporting those who choose this path forward. We support artists in all the things that go along with a career in the arts. Don’t stall or stagnate. Take your art career by the reins today and drive it with confidence toward the future. Remember, you don’t get this moment back. Make it count.




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