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You are Always in Danger of Losing Clients

Recently I booked plane tickets to go visit family out west. I sorted through all of the available times, which airports I’d prefer, how many stops I was willing to tolerate, and arrived at a list of flights with varying prices. I picked a mid-range flight, not too pricey but not too cheap, and began the process of booking. When I’d selected seats and sorted out all the identifying details of each passenger and it was time to confirm, a little message popped up at the top of the screen letting me know that somehow, within the space of a few minutes while I was handling the details the quoted price of my flight had mysteriously gone up.

I wasn’t impressed.

In fact, I was so frustrated that I abandoned the whole thing and went for another flight on another airline entirely.

Running a business means that you have an obligation to offer your customers honest, upfront service with no surprises. If something costs a certain price at the beginning of a transaction, it should cost the same at the end. If you make an offer you must follow through.

As a career artist, you are in the position of running a business whether you realize it or not. You are making something you would like to sell. That means you have a customer base that relies on your consistent ability to deliver. It is up to you to set prices that reflect the market and the appropriate value of your work. It is up to you to follow through when you make a commitment whether to clients, patrons, or organizations. By upholding certain standards you present yourself as a professional who understands what is expected of you and rises to the occasion.

All of this is no easy task, particularly when you add to the equation the demands of studio time and continuing your artistic education through residency, outreach, and cultural awareness. You are the star of the show and the entire crew behind the scenes. The finances? Up to you. The product? Up to you. The networking and marketing? Up. To. You.

At Praxis Center we understand the multitude of demands put upon working artists. We know that it can feel overwhelming to juggle your creative life with the daunting task of running a business. And we know the importance of maintaining impeccable standards so that you can find yourself a client base who stick with you as your career evolves. Consider us your silent partner. We are there to give you a boost where you need it most. We are there to help you make sure that at the end of the day nobody throws in the towel and opts for another airline.


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