Thursday, June 13, 2024

You do You

To each their own. So they saying goes. One person’s perfect path may be full of obstacles for the next. We each have a way of doing things that works for us and there is nothing wrong with committing to follow the path that suits you best, as long as the outcome is generally favorable.

Praxis student Ann-Marie did things her own way and found her momentum as well as success when it comes to connecting with patrons and sponsors. She is living proof that there is no one right way to do things. In her own words:

Of course I haven’t done this in a very linear way but Brainard Carey and the classroom has inspired my momentum. Last month someone just wrote me a check for $1000 when I spoke about my work and the topic “The economy of the artist.” She said she just wanted to support my work! Here is my new bio for my new agent/manager’s web page (also new and wonderful). He really gets me and there are all kinds of plans in the works with that. Thank you Brainard Carey and if you have a chance to give me any notes on this bio, please do. Or anyone else. Happy New Year everyone. And thank you for being there.

Our role at Praxis Center is not to preach to you the perfect path. Rather, we are here to guide you with tools and skills so that you can have all you need as you pursue the road that makes the most sense to you. There is no one right way and we embrace this completely. We know that our artists are all different in many ways, that’s very much part of what makes them all wonderful – their uniqueness. But we want to see you all succeed and so we recognize some key elements that can be employed, no matter what shape your journey, to achieve optimal results. Join us today for just $40/month. Stay on your best path, but take us along for the ride.

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