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15 Seconds of Fame

We love to celebrate here at Praxis. And our students give us so many excuses to do just that. It felt like a good moment to launch into one of our favorite kind of posts in the blog, a little brag about some of the amazing things Praxis students are up to lately. Whether long standing students or brand new, bringing with them new experiences to share with the community, we are so fortunate to have every one of you. Thank you for growing with us, learning with us and teaching us, too.


Three exhibitions, one current, the other upcoming that include my work


15 Seconds of Fame

Tomorrow night, November 2, from 6:00 to 11:00 PM, my photos will appear for 15 seconds every 10 minutes or so on digital billboards at Times Square in New York City. This is part of a Media Day special offer made to the American Society of Media photographers. I designed the content for my three billboards which are located at 49th and 7th Avenue facing west. The tall one is 12 stories high and the two side billboards are 55 feet wide. If you are in New York, take a look.


Hi, I’ve been traveling and away from the class but this past weeks I received confirmation for 2 shows next year! one is on a Library in Chicago which is good because it’s 3 months solo exhibit, enough time to do workshops, opening and invite people from out of town and the second one is on a University, UNAM, Chicago branch, which has a lot of international students that can also see my solo show and on River North gallery district witch is great location!

Just wanted to share with you 🙂

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