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Go Big or Go Home

Aim big. Don’t be afraid to put it all out there and if you fall never fear, you can always get back up. Never allow that voice inside your head that whispers, what if… to get in the way of the opportunities you deserve. As an artist working hard to further your career, you owe it to yourself to reach out and grab every chance that comes along. You will not get a yes every time, no one does. But you will learn from every experience and you will find the opportunities that are right for you.

Galerie Luc Berthier invites “painters, drawers and art photographers” to submit work to their Paris Art Contest. The winner receives a month long solo gallery exhibition, while second place is awarded a spot in a group show. Third place winner receives exposure via the gallery website. There is a fee for entry. There are no restrictions on age or geographic location, all artists are invited to participate. For complete details and to submit your work, visit the gallery website. Deadline for entry is December 15.

Illustrators and authors are invited to enter the 2018 Clairvoyant’s Illustrated Children’s Book Competition organized by Dwie Siostry Publishing House. Those from Poland and beyond are eligible and entrants may submit work on an individual basis or as a team. For complete details, visit the website. Deadline is December 15.

Soulangh Artists Village invites artists to apply for their site specific art residency. Those artists interested in interdisciplinary art, visual art, performance and photography are welcome to submit applications. There is partial subsidization for living and working expenses while in Taiwan. All applicants must be able to communicate in English or Chinese. For full details, visit the website. Deadline is December 16.

At Praxis Center, we encourage our students to push the envelope. Step outside your comfort zone and see what’s on the other side of the walls. For every opportunity that might not be quite right there are others that will be the perfect fit. We will show you how to build the confidence – and the skills – to know where to look and how to successfully apply. Join for just $40/month and learn to manage your time and how to reach for the opportunities you deserve.

Photo credit: Galerie Luc Berthier

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