Saturday, May 18, 2024

Contagious Success

Artists must lift one another up. In a community, the success of all is completely interdependent and related. Just as you would hope that your peers and colleagues will lift you up, so you must do the same for them. It is only right that we all join in support of every success. In turn, our own successes will be supported and rewarded. Praxis student Christine has an exciting development and an ask of her community. In her own words:

So excited to announce my book is live on Amazon starting today! For this weekend only, I am making in available as a free Kindle download and hoping some of you will want to get it and leave a review for me on Amazon! Getting reviews is important and I wanted you all to be part of it!
Here’s the link:

You see, the success of another does not detract from your own ability to make it in the art world. We must always strive to overcome any emotions that hold us back from supporting those around us. Art is a vast universe with room for so many. The very best policy is always to support on another.

At Praxis Center, we believe that it is of critical importance to come together for the common goal. We are a community of entrepreneurial artists who understand that it is a part of our journey to be the support system for those around us just as we hope they will be for us. For just $40/month you can join a community that truly believes each and every artist is worthy of the chance to reach their full potential. We are dedicated to ensuring that all are welcomed and supported every step of the way. Enroll today and be the support system for others while finding your own.

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