Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Unlikely Opportunity

Opportunity comes in many forms. Sometimes it takes the shape of the traditional, a gallery or art fair, and other times it is perhaps less conventional. Just because an organization or business doesn’t make you think of art when you hear it at first, it is worth investigating the details of every opportunity. Today I present two calls for entry from places that at first glance may not indicate artistic opportunity but offer artists the chance to shine.

Lexus invites creators of all kinds to submit their work for consideration for the 2019 Lexus Design Awards. From the Lexus Design Awards website: “Lexus Design Award 2019 calls upon young creative talent around the world to “Design for a Better Tomorrow”. Since 2013, this international design competition has provided the chance of a lifetime for up-and-coming designers to win the prestigious award for innovative design excellence, propel their growth, and reach world-class exposure.” There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted and all work remains the exclusive property of the entrant. For complete details, visit the website. Deadline is October 28.

The Gladstone Hotel invites artists to submit their work for Grow Op 2019. The Gladstone is a highly respected art, design and cultural hub in Toronto. According to the description of the call for submissions, “The Gladstone invites a diversity of proposals from collaborative teams, collectives and individuals that engage with landscape, species and habitat through installation, sculpture, performance, digital media and more to create a provocative experiential exhibition.” There are multiple ways to participate including room installations, site-specific installations and more. Collaborations and individuals are welcome. For more information and to better understand why Gladstone is a great place for artists, visit the website. Deadline is October 30.

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Photo credit: The Gladstone Hotel

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  1. It appears that the Gladstone Hotel charges artists to participate – from their website:
    “There is no proposal submission fee. Fees to participate are as follows and will be required once the Jury has made its final selections. Room Installations $350 + HST Site-Specific Public Space Installations/Projects $100 + HST”

    Really? PAY a hotel to exhibit my work (at my expense and labor btw) for the benefit of drawing an audience to their venue to book a room, eat a meal, drink a beverage….Am I mistaken? Or – is this yet another example of art tarting up a commercial enterprise under the guise that they are “supporting” – doing so much for the sake of the artists? Sure – all the “benefits” of being featured in publication platforms etc. etc. that operate on volume of hits to drive ad revenue. Does the artist receive a kick back from driving interest / readership / hits to these sites? I don’t thnk so.
    What am I missing? Why is this such an opportunity?

    • You are right! That is not the best opportunity, I strive to post opportunities that have no fees or costs, and this one has essentially a hidden cost which is awful. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


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