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Farmers’ Almanac & Your Career

Many gardeners know that the seasons cycle in a predictable way. There is old wisdom that guides planting, much of it still relevant even today. Plant peas when the forsythia blooms, beets & carrots when the lilac is in first leaf, and corn when the oak leaves are the size of a squirrel’s ear. While these may seem imprecise, they are derived from generation after generation of observed data.

The wisdom to successfully run a career is a bit like this old gardening smarts. It isn’t possible to simply fly by the seat of your pants, making things up as you go along. While art itself is highly personal and can follow the path of the artist no matter how very individual, the ins and outs of a small business requires particular knowledge that may not be readily available and certainly isn’t intuitive.

No one comes to art knowing how to approach galleries or query potential patrons and sponsors. No one is born with an innate understanding of balance sheets and marketing. Just as no one arrives at gardening with a fully formed understanding of best practices. Mistakes are made along the way.

Gardeners seek wisdom from those who have gone before them and who have learned (often the hard way) what works…and what doesn’t. Seasons change and with the changes come clear signs that can be followed for optimal planting success. The art world changes and with these changes come knowledge about what is trending, where to reach out for resources, and how to make the most of your time.

As a working professional artist, you should understand the ways in which your field is moving and changing. As you move forward, some of this will begin to feel more intuitive as you know where to look, but just like with any seasoned gardener, there will always be things you need a little help with.

That’s where Praxis Center comes in. Think of us as your almanac to the art world. We have the resources to provide you with up to the minute knowledge to help you get ahead and take your career to the next level. Whether you want to learn how to reach out to potential patrons or are looking for a step by step guide to grant applications (and where to send those applications when they’re complete) Praxis has the resources you need. With the right wisdom and tools, we can help you cultivate a career that blossoms.



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