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You Want to Know the Secret?

For every artist there are challenges and there are breakthroughs. Whether it is within the context of your creative process, or on the business side of things, there will be hills to climb throughout your career but the promise of incredible vistas at the summit.

For every artist a particular necessary skill set may be an obstacle to be overcome. For Norman, cracking the social media code was something he had never quite worked out until Praxis gave him the confidence and the keys to conquer a whole new virtual world.

For other artists, the thought of reaching out to potential sponsors and patrons may feel like an impossibility. You may recall the story of Barry who, after a nudge from the Praxis community went out on a limb and contacted potential patrons earning himself the ability to complete his project and then some.

No matter how many times you hear stories like these, you may think to yourself, sure it worked for those artists, but that doesn’t mean it will work for me.

But the secret here is that there is no secret. The artists you read about here are no different from you in any way. They are walking the same path, forging a career from their passions, and taking risks that pay off in big ways.

Amy, another Praxis student, realized that rather than expect a huge windfall to come her way it made more sense to break things down into bite sized increments with a long term goal. Her plan, and her willingness to stay the course have been working and she is well on her way to achieving what she set out to do in 2018. In her own words:

“Came home to two more donations in the mail! Another $500, putting me well over the $4000 mark. Yay! I haven’t reached my goal yet, but that milestone feels amazing. Every hour I spend reaching out to patrons and possible patrons pays off tenfold. My goal is to raise $15,000 this year, which is totally doable when I break it down into monthly/weekly goals. I figure if I send out 5 letters a week, I will achieve the goal. And I must remind myself of this constantly because it is so easy to not do it.”

And that’s just it. No one expects you to move mountains right here and right now. No one expects you to show up with all the knowledge necessary to nail it every time. But what you should expect from yourself is the willingness to try. The confidence to say yes to this career you have chosen and the fortitude to see it through. At Praxis we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our team of experts and a community of peers are ready and waiting to support you on this lifelong journey one step at a time.




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