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Galleries that Should be on your Radar from Around the World

A lot of our focus is about getting your art exposed and sold both online and in galleries. But what about these gallery spaces? Sure you’ve heard of the heavy hitters, the spaces whose names are synonymous with the art world today, but there are a host of other, lesser known galleries scattered across the globe that easily take a seat among the luminary spaces. Whether you are in search of a top goal for your own artwork, or simply wondering what art galleries to be aware of or perhaps visit, we have rounded up ten noteworthy ones in the world. That’s right, the entire world. These are the institutions whose names are known by those who move among the arts even though they sit outside the cities you may think of as art hubs. Making it your business to now their names will not only enrich your own experience as a member of the art community, it will help establish you as someone who has depth of knowledge in your chosen field.

1. Vitamin Creative Space – Beijing, China

Founded in 2002, Vitamin Creative Space is part commercial gallery and part nonprofit. This allows the gallery to operate independently in order to explore more freely. Influence is drawn from the juxtaposition of modern life with ancient Chinese tradition.

2. Proyectos Monclova – Mexico City, Mexico

In just over a decade, this gallery has become one of the most influential and important contemporary art spaces in Mexico. The space houses two exhibition halls plus a fully equipped video room for cinematic artwork installations. In addition to mounting 6-10 exhibitions per year, the gallery hosts public talks, screenings, and other events.

3. The Third Line – Dubai

This gallery, based in Dubai which has risen to global status as a hub for businesses around the world, features the work of contemporary Middle Eastern artists. Through public events, the gallery seeks to foster dialogue and interest about the art and culture of the region.

4. Gregor Podnar – Berlin, Germany/Ljubljana, Slovenia

Originally established in 2003, this gallery features the work of contemporary artists from Eastern Europe. The gallery has been a top name in the curatorial world of the region for some time and has expanded over the years since its inception.

5. Standard – Oslo, Norway

While you may not think of Oslo when you think art hubs of Europe, this gallery’s aim is twofold. It seeks to represent contemporary Norwegian artists on the world forum and also to bring international artists to the attention of the Norwegian audience. Since its establishment in 2005, the gallery has made quite a name for itself around the globe.

6. Luciana Brito – Sao Paolo, Brazil

Celebrating its twentieth year, this gallery has an aim similar to Standard in Oslo. It seeks to bring Brazilian artists’ work to the wider world while also pulling global artists in to be viewed by a local audience. The gallery helps build the careers of established artists and has also carved out a respected niche for itself among the global gallery network.

7. The Modern Institute – Glasgow, Scotland

Also in its twentieth year, The Modern Institute is comprised of two gallery spaces in Glasgow working with both established and emerging artists. In addition to hosting exhibitions, Modern Institute also publishes book and monographs and participates in major art fairs.

8. Space 1026 – Philadelphia, PA

Space 1026 describes itself as “and 18 year experiment.” Less a gallery, more a community, some of the activities that fall under the umbrella of Space 1026 include collaboration (or not), creation, making, producing…there are physical art spaces located on two floors of a Philadelphia building and there is much debate over how best to describe Space 1026. Perhaps this statement helps to reach the crux of something that perhaps cannot be defined, “Space 1026 is not a collaboration! Yes it is! No it’s not! Yes it is! Exactly.”

9. V1 Gallery – Copenhagen, Denmark

Since 2002, V1 Gallery has worked with an international community of established and emerging contemporary artists to bring their work to the international stage. The gallery strives to be a forum for art as a way to engage in the broader social and political discourse recognizing arts ability to serve as a conduit to these topics.

10. White Cube – Multiple International Locations

Starting in London, this network of galleries represents both established and emerging artists. From the first space in London’s Duke Street, a long-time hub of art dealing, the gallery gleaned its name after the design of the actual space as a perfect white cube. The original concept was to offer a space where an artist could intimately display a single work of important art. Since then the gallery has spread around London and the UK before branching out to Sao Paolo, Brazil and Hong Kong. Each space has its own personality and aesthetic offering a range of experiences to patrons.



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