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How Mary Began Battling Demons

Mary was struggling. Something from her past was interfering with art career. When it came time for self-promotion on social media, she faltered. Subconscious lessons from her childhood stood in her way.

Self-promotion is something that does not come easily to so many of us, it is difficult to sing one’s own praises, so to speak. But as an independent artist, it is an absolutely critical component if you hope to build a successful career. For Mary, the obstacle felt insurmountable.

Sometimes it takes relearning to break down walls that have been surrounding us our entire lives. This can be a long and difficult process. Finding career support is one of the keys to turning things around. This certainly proved true for Mary, a student in Praxis Center. In her own words,

Your course on Instagram has so helped me break boundaries regarding social media. I am determined to sell online. I was not raised to be an achiever; I have negative reinforcement to overcome. I made a breakthrough this week. Miracles do happen.

What we absorb during childhood can have a profound effect on us well into our adulthood and throughout our entire lives. If we are raised in a home where self-congratulations are discouraged, this can make it difficult or even impossible to present our own work in a way that suggests it is worthy of praise and purchase.

Sometimes it takes a thorough audit of our own inner mind to discover those things that are truly holding us back. We may be entirely unaware that remnants of our upbringing are clinging on, pulling us under when we attempt to surface.

Take steps to reflect inwardly in order to discover what it is in you that may be holding you back.

Consider the lessons you received as a child. Take time to reflect inwardly. When you approach social media marketing, is it a simple tech phobia holding you back or is it something deeper? Perhaps, like Mary, you were raised in a family where self-promotion was discouraged.

Seeking support in your profession is one way to begin breaking down walls that are keeping you from success. Praxis Center provides a full suite of professional services for artists. Our course on Social Media will take you step by step through the process of becoming your own marketing guru. With the support of our team of experts, you’ll find the skills–and the encouragement–you need to promote your art with confidence.



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