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If Networking and Computers are not your strengths……

At an opening for a friend recently, Solange added her name to an email list left out in the gallery. A few days later she received a beautiful newsletter from her friend detailing the opening, including links to press about her work, and packed with beautiful images of her art. Solange spent a long time taking in the newsletter. She had wanted to create something just like it for her own art business for a long time but had no idea how to begin. Computers were not a strength.

Two weeks later another newsletter arrived in her email inbox. There were upcoming events, a little note about what her friend had been up to in the studio, and again all manner of gorgeous photos. Solange was simultaneously very impressed and more than a little jealous. She hit reply and wrote a note to her friend asking whether she would share the secrets behind these incredible missives.

A month later, Solange was creating her very first newsletter. She included information about her own upcoming exhibitions, her studio practice, and of course images of her work. She was very proud when the moment came to hit send. She only had a handful of emails to send to but she planned to grow her list just like her friend (who told Solange she had surpassed 500 subscribers after her last opening).

Email marketing is one of an artist’s best tools in this day and age. This is a great way to make sure you are consistently reaching out to your audience, engaging them in your work, reminding them about what’s coming up, and generally making yourself a friendly presence in their lives.

And here’s the best part, if you can write an email you can create your very own full-color newsletter. Online services like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are designed to help those wishing to reach a wide audience with digital content. The sites offer easy to use templates and contact management tools. They’ll even help you track how many of your newsletters are being opened by recipients.

Digital tools are a huge component of any independent artist’s success. While the vastness of the internet may seem overwhelming, Praxis Center can help you break it down into bite-sized pieces when you enroll in Social Media Strategy and Web Design for Artists.This is just one of many courses at your disposal when you subscribe. We live in a digital age. Let Praxis Center guide you toward a fully functioning online presence starting now.





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