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How to Reach the World in a Single Word

Exposure. It’s one of the more important aspects of being a visual artist. But finding paths to enough exposure can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. The internet and social media are vast places full of noise and breaking through can seem next to impossible. It takes an understanding of how these things are organized and how to discover what’s trending in order to break through.

For Norman, this story was a familiar one. He posted often but failed to receive much notice apart from those with whom he was already connected. Something needed to change.

For Norman, it was one of the instructional videos from a Praxis Center expert that changed the game. He explains from the class discussion:

I wanted to share a victory that I have just had from being a member of Praxis. I watched the video that Shana Nys Dambrot did on social media & hashtags. I followed the advice and changed some things on my profile and then filtered through various hashtags to give me a bigger audience potential. The most likes I have ever had is 26 which was over a 3 week period. This week I have had 50 new people follow me! And today I posted 9 new pictures and have had a combined 216 likes. The most ever!

I feel like I broke through something today with my social media and I must say, it felt great! I also found out that you can only post 30 hashtags on Instagram so I filtered my hashtags to the highest pages that are art related. I put a great list together and anyone is welcome to use them. Just copy them from my Instgram page or I could post them here!

I have also widened my audience as well. I have been getting follows from different parts of the world as well, from the the UK, Dubai, Russia, Tokyo Japan. And 4 of them galleries!

Thanks Praxis.”

There are so many components to running a successful, visible art career. No one expects that you intuitively know them all. There is hardly a career out there where those involved are expected to fend solely for themselves, so why should art be any different?

At Praxis Center it is our mission to gather experts in the various components of the art world from marketing to writing to social media in order to give you the very best foundation possible so that you can take your career to the next level. When you subscribe you unlock the potential to dominate your social media feeds and get your art in front of eyes all over the world.



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