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It’s Time to Burst Your Bubble

Routine makes the world go round. Whether you are a declared type A who follows a strict routine to the letter day in and day out, or a soft around the edges type B unafraid of a looser structure, you probably stick to some routine regardless. Our routines help keep us stable and grounded, and they offer at least the illusion of control and safety. Routine is what allows us to live in a bubble of sorts, secluded from a world that doesn’t fit our daily needs, protected from the spaces outside our comfort zones.

As a professional artist, part of your job is to eschew routine, shrug off the bubble, and venture into lands unknown. You are tasked, like all those who came before you, with witnessing the world as it is now in all its chaos. The raw reality of life in your own space and the spaces of others. After all, an artist does not simply portray what is considered conventionally beautiful. Art often disrupts, forces the viewer to rethink their position in the universe.

At the same time, artists must face another slice of reality outside their comfort zone and that is the daunting task of running a business. While you are busy seeing the world in all its pain and glory, you must also make room to seek out the avenues that will get your work into the world. This road will not always be without obstacles. For every open door there will be dozens of closed ones. As I have said before, in a sense you are only as good as your worst days.

Trouble is, there is no one formula for how to do this and for many it can feel like the ultimate exposure. It’s one thing for an artist to bare their soul on canvas or in clay, and quite another to turn around and promote that vulnerability like a commodity. But in fact commodity is exactly what your art becomes the moment you decide to go the route of a professional. You necessarily take on the responsibility of treating your art as product and promoting it accordingly.

Praxis Center works not only to support artists in their pursuit of a raw artistic vision, but to offer the tools to become savvy in the realm of more practical things. Knowing how to promote your art, sell your art, write about your art, these are the pieces of the puzzle that can be honed. Your subscription for just $40/month allows you access to not only a full suite of professional courses, but a community of experts and peers who understand the risk you take when you step outside the bubble in pursuit of something bigger. Because sometimes in order to move forward you need to shake up the routine.


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