Friday, March 1, 2024

Ready to Take Charge?

The business of art is all about finding ways to empower yourself in order to move your career to the next level. A huge part of the equation is believing that you can be your own manager and publicist.

It can be difficult to believe on your hard days that there are successes waiting for you down the line, and sometimes it might feel like everyone else is finding the golden ticket while you are stuck spinning your wheels.

Don’t give up!

Real artists, just like you, are finding out that with determination, maybe even a little stubbornness, and the willingness to stay true to their vision they can open doors that they thought were locked tight.

Recently, Praxis student Debbie enjoyed a major success. But that’s not all she did. Debbie also made plans for every possible outcome. If a gallery wouldn’t pick her up, she was prepared to take matters into her own hands. If a residency said no, thank you she would create her own adventure. Here is Debbie in her own words:

Celebrating today. I got picked up by another gallery. Yea! Thank you so much for all your help!!! I feel so empowered, no longer at the mercy of others. I determined that if galleries didn’t pick up my work, I’d do my own show. Then I got messages from two galleries interested in my work. I may do my own show anyways, because I like the idea of that. I’m in charge of my art business. Another exciting decision, I’m applying for a residency in Italy for a month next year. If I’m not selected, I’m going anyway; on my own dime. I’ll make it happen.

Of course, no one expects you to intuitively know how to navigate all these things. That would be entirely unrealistic. In the beginning what you need most is the desire to take action. That fire in your belly that compels you to reach out into the world, take leaps, risks, and weather the failures that will inevitably precede the successes.

If you have that desire, if you are ready to make art your career, Praxis Center is here to help. We offer the rest of the tools you need to build your future in art. Our team of experts are waiting for you, ready to guide you through the processes of building an art business from the ground up. Whether you need help contacting galleries, patrons and sponsors, or grant foundations, or want to brush up your bio and artist statement, we are here. If you aren’t too sure how to navigate social media, we are here. Your subscription gets you unlimited access to our full suite of courses and a virtual community of teachers and peers. All that’s missing is you!




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