Friday, December 8, 2023

Let’s Have Some Fun

Not every art competition has to be the height of serious behavior. There is plenty of room for whimsy and play when it comes to making art. Sure, there is art that tells important stories and there is art that seeks to change global conversations about sweeping social issues, but there is also art that’s just plain fun. This week let’s focus on a few art contests that are on the lighter side. Are these the sort of opportunities to base a career on? Well, no. But they’re still great opportunities. Read on for some of the lighter side of the art contest world.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Contest. That’s right PBR, the beer that maybe your dad drank or maybe you drink now holds an annual art contest. Artists from every corner submit to the contest for the chance to have their work featured on millions of PBR’s iconic beer cans. The only catch is that your artwork needs to be inspired in some way by PBR. But that’s a pretty vague guideline and one that leaves the door open for a whole lot of creativity. For more information and submission instructions, see the website. Deadline for entries is October 1.

Every so often I like to remind readers about the Awesome Foundation. This cool organization awards a series of micro-grants throughout the year for awesome ideas. A network of chapters each provide their own grants to recipients from all over the place. If there isn’t a chapter near you and you want one to be, you can even found one yourself with the help of the parent organization. Visit the foundation website for more details, answers to FAQs, and how to enter. It is always free to submit your application to the Awesome Foundation. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Got an illustration you think deserves some love? Why not enter CommArts 2019 illustration competition. There are a number of criteria to choose from for entry from illustrations that have been published as part of advertisements or book covers to those that have never seen the light of day. Check out the website for complete information and send off your very best illustrations. Deadline for submissions is January 11, 2019 though late entries will be accepted until January 25 with an accompanying $10 late fee.

A career in the arts can be exhausting and laborious. Once in a while it’s nice to give yourself permission to play. At Praxis Center we believe firmly in the balance between work and play and know that when the mind is given the chance to run free it will work better and harder for you. We also know that there is a time to buckle down and get to the work at hand. That’s where we come in. We are here to help guide you every step of the way as you navigate opportunities, business building, exhibition, and many other necessities for the career artist. Enroll today for just $40/month and gain access to our team of experts, our suite of courses, and our community of colleagues and peers.


Photo credit: Comm Arts



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