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When Life Gets in the Way…

Life is hard. It is full of obstacles that get in the way when you are trying your damnedest to move forward. Often circumstances can feel overwhelming and insurmountable and if you are someone starting out later in life, it can feel like you’ll never go anywhere anyway so why try?


Sometimes the words of our students are so powerful that they hardly require much introduction. Such is the case with this wisdom from Praxis student Ruth. In her own words:


In August of 2015 I had no body of work, I was about to turn 50 with a high need child at home by myself and my resume was empty.

I hope this post is nothing but encouraging. Since then I have received three grants, produced my first installation, made my first film that was accepted into two film festivals and received a certificate of appreciation from the city of Los Angeles amongst other things.

I can only say that hard work and total focus has allowed this to happen. I mean this when I say this, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

I joined Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies classroom in 2016 and have gotten the support I have needed to grow as I expect I will continue to do so.

Ruth’s words embody so perfectly the very reason that Praxis Center exists. We are here for you, no matter who you are, to hold your hand and guide you as you defeat whatever is in your path and forge a successful career. Our community of nurturing experts and peers has your best interest in mind and at heart. We want to see you fly on wings you build yourself. Your subscription for just $40/month is the first step on the journey of the rest of your life. Won’t you join us?

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