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No Summer Vacation for You!

Summer is a perfect time to take stock of what it is you are doing and where you’d like to be in the immediate and more distant future. Part of solving the second half of that equation is determining some opportunities that are worth applying for. Every visual artist who wishes to make a career out of their craft must, at all times, be scouting out and applying for financial awards of all sorts. There is no time to let things lie. As an independent business person you are fully responsible for your future. As the warm days approach, here are three opportunities with summer deadlines that might be right for you.

Artadia offers financial awards to visual artists living and working in one of the cities associated with the grant. These cities are Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Each city has a separate time frame for applications. During the summer of 2018, artists in San Francisco are invited to apply for grants ranging from $5,000-$20,000. Grant money is unrestricted. All applicants must have resided in the associated city for at least two years and students are not eligible. For further details and dates for other cities, visit the Artadia website. Applications for San Francisco are being accepted as of July 1 and the deadline for SF submissions is August 1.

US based filmmakers working with “social issues and pressing questions” are invited to apply for SFFILM Grants. In addition to cash prizes awarded to four or five recipients, winners receive other assistance from SFFILM including development programs and feedback. All winning filmmakers will travel to the Bay Area for a week to attend a retreat and programmed development workshops. Travel and accommodation are provided to those selected. Grants range from $20,000-$25,000. For complete details visit the SFFILM website. Deadline for submissions is July 31.

Emerging jewelry artists who work with silver are invited to apply for a Halstead Grant. In order to be eligible, artists must be US citizens who started their jewelry business within the last three years. A grant of $7,000 is awarded to the winner along with $1,000 in jewelry supplies. Winner also receives feedback from the jury and a trip to Halstead headquarters. The top ten finalists receive recognition trophies, smaller cash awards, and feedback from the jury. To see complete eligibility details, visit the Halstead website. Deadline for submissions is August 1.

As with any project, for each of these grants and any others you apply for, it is important to manage your time wisely. At Praxis Center we offer a step by step guide to time management designed to guide you through the entire process of grant application. The truth is, not everyone excels at managing their time. There is absolutely no shame in getting some help. For just $40/month, you can have access to a course designed to help you maximize your time as well as a suite of companion courses covering everything from taxes to galleries. Enroll today and make this the summer that you say yes to the next step.

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