Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Give it Away

American lawyer and thinker Robert G. Ingersoll once said, “Strong people don’t put others down… They lift them up.”

In this world where many of us live lives that are increasingly disconnected from others, it is more important than ever to reach toward one another and offer whatever support we can. Finding a community is one of our greatest assets as human beings.

Praxis student Paula understands this concept now after receiving what may at first sound like counter-intuitive advice in a field where it feels as though it is every person for themselves.

If you run a blog on your website (and you really should run a blog on your website!) it is an absolutely spectacular idea to feature other artists as part of your regular posting. There are so very many reasons to do this and not all of them are just about lifting up others.

Let’s hear what happened for Paula when she took this practice to heart:

I took Brainard Carey’s advice about my blog and started writing some reviews about other artists which I include in my newsletter and promote on social media. I have had some surprising and great results: Connected better with fellow artists and helped the other artists get more recognition. In one case the artist procured some sales. One artist is sending me a thank you painting. One shared that she is battling cancer and I can’t tell you how happy and grateful she has been about having her story written and shared. I sent her a thank you painting. It has been very gratifying to help these artists and share their stories. …..and I almost forgot, visitors to my website increased.

That is the very gist of lifting each other up. Not only do we create opportunities for others by acting as a conduit between our circle and theirs, we also connect. We open doors for ourselves, doors to opportunity, friendship, doors to collaboration, understanding, and so much more.

At Praxis Center we know that sometimes it can feel difficult to share what little spotlight we may have worked so hard for. It is so very important to remember that by sincerely offering others’ stories, we open our horizons and create new doors for all. Immersing yourself in a community is only going to provide you with a broader network and who knows where that may lead.

When you subscribe for just $40/month, you receive so much more than the course materials we offer. You receive something intangible and truly invaluable, the chance to connect. Join us today.

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