Monday, December 4, 2023

Perfect Storm

I’ve just returned from an exhibition I was in, in Carmel, CA. Incredible time of sharing and inspiration. I was told by someone I met to go to a particular gallery in Carmel where the director was sure to like my work. I did, and he did. I went back the next day and brought the portfolio that I had with me for the show and tell review. He loved the work. It’s limited edition digital prints on an antique lithography paper that I enhance with pastels. He suggested that I work them larger but also do as transfers on wood panels, which I do anyway at times with good results because in CA he has problem placing work that is under glass due to earthquake restrictions. We talked about my doing a few 6″ squares or something like that and sending him a few. He thinks perhaps he can place them. I agreed to do that. Not sure if I should have but I really liked the guy and my friend said he was 100% trustworthy and very well connected with curators etc. I suppose there should be some kind of paperwork involved in my sending them but I don’t know what. When asked what my prices were, he said they were too low. I haven’t sold any of these so I don’t know what I would price them. I took a stab based on what I sell of other stuff through the gallery/frame shop where I live in Naples, FL. They deal with interior designers. I’ve been one to under price in order to make sales. I would like some feedback as to how to proceed. Thanks. I’m attaching some shots of the event. It was a huge thing for me to be included.”

This post from Praxis student Lynda has it all. Not only did she network her way to a gallery where her work was immediately accepted with interest, but she also reached out with further questions and was unafraid to ask her artistic community for input.

Being a full time artist means being willing to reach out to that community of peers and listen when they offer up resources that could further your career. It means being unafraid to ask questions, to be vulnerable at times when you don’t know the answer. What Lynda demonstrates is the perfect attitude for anyone hoping to further their artistic career. The confidence to put herself out there and the willingness to ask for help where she knows she needs it.

Praxis Center exists to help artists realize exactly what Lynda demonstrates here. The balance between network, expertise, and confidence that allows artists to take their careers to the next level. Your subscription gains you access to expert services, peer interaction, and the key to making your dreams of a career in art a reality. Join us today and unlock your future.

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