Monday, December 4, 2023

Ramble On

Perhaps Led Zeppelin said it best:

“Leaves are fallin’ all around
It’s time I was on my way
Thanks to you I’m much obliged
For such a pleasant stay…”

There is something about the transition from summer to fall that stirs a restlessness, a need to cast off the heavy pace of hot days and once again busy ourselves with the details of our work. And perhaps there is something about this energy shift that makes fall just the right time to consider a sojourn to a distant land to further your artistic pursuits. Read on for a few residencies currently accepting applications, some of them with interesting twists.

Mustarinda is a residency program for artists and writers located in Hyrynsalmi (Kainuu province, Finland). Residencies run for one or two months during spring and fall. What is interesting about the Mustarinda Association is…well, I’ll let them explain in their own words:

The Mustarinda Association reaches towards a post-fossil culture by combining scientific knowledge and experiential artistic activity and aims to continually reduce its carbon footprint and that of those associated with it. In keeping with this, through the AIR Open Call 2019 we are attempting to promote other forms of transport than air travel. To support this ideal we are offering a few slow travel support grants for those applicants willing to use alternative means of transport.

For more details and to apply for this residency, visit the website.

Early and mid-career African artists who primarily live and work on the continent are invited to apply for a number of residencies at locations around the world. The Artists in Residency Programme (AIR) has placed 69 African artists in the past and this year has opportunities in Australia, Brazil and the United States. For details and to apply, visit the website.

Young artists and creators from around the world are invited to apply for a Hive residency. Whether artists, makers, coders, engineers, innovation managers, research scientists or a combination of these, anyone interested in a collaborative, multicultural experience is encouraged to apply. Hive residencies last for six months and each year 20 young artists are invited to attend. For complete details and to apply, visit the Hive website.

Praxis Center dedicates itself to supporting and nurturing artists at every stage of their careers. We know that a global experience is essential for those wishing to develop a richer artistic life and that residencies are an essential piece of a career in the arts. When you join Praxis for just $40/month, you open the doors to the rest of the world. You find yourself surrounded with the energy, experts and peers you need to take the next step on your journey.


Photo credit: AIR/Africa Centre



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