Friday, December 8, 2023

Love at First Sight

It has been said that you do not choose art, art chooses you. Many artists feel this way about their chosen career paths, but it should not be discounted that very often those who collect art feel this way about the pieces they choose for their collections.

Art speaks to us, that is part of its allure. Sometimes we look at a piece of art and feel we know what was in the artist’s heart when it was created. We connect and are able to see a piece of ourselves in art. Or perhaps it reminds us of something or someone. Or maybe we just… it.

Praxis student Cady recently experienced a moment like this when she sold a piece of her art to her client Lauryn, a new co-owner of the piece. For Lauryn the connection to the work was instant. In Cady’s own words:

Baby Droop goes home with one of his proud new co-owners, Lauryn. It was love at first sight!”

Love at first sight. It is a pervasive concept in our culture but one usually reserved for discussions about two human hearts connecting instantaneously. It can absolutely be argued that a work of art is an extension of the artist’s heart and so it makes perfect sense that this sort of strong emotion can also strike when we encounter art that calls to us.

We may not even know why we like what we like. Often we can’t name what it is about one person that makes them special, sets them apart from all others. The same is true for art. We may never know why we connect to certain things and not to others. We feel it from the very depths of our souls, we know that a certain object needs a position in our lives just as we know with some people that they belong near to us.

At Praxis Center, we honor the journey of artists and those who love and support their work. We help artists connect to the people in this world who may not yet know that they need these objects, but who will love them with the sort of ferocity that art can elicit. Start your journey today and let others discover how wonderful it is when art chooses them.


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