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Show Me the Money

Money. It makes the world go round, so they say. And no matter how deeply devoted you are to your particular craft, money, I’m sorry to say, is an integral part of living a successful life as a professional artist. For most artists, the traditional routes to earning an income are not necessarily the best ones. Rather, many artists look to alternative means of funding their work. This week we will take a look at three opportunities designed to connect artists with funding. Some of these are for new works, others are to promote exchange of culture. Read on to see whether one of these opportunities may be right for you.

Joint Adventures is accepting submissions by those wishing to be considered for their support program promoting international exchange between contemporary dance and theater artists. According to the website, “The International Guest Performance Fund for Dance aims to foster the exchange between German artists and international organizers, create incentives for a stronger rotation of existing and new productions, and strengthen the international presence of German dance professionals. It is directed at organisers abroad who would like to invite a dance production created in Germany.” For complete details and to apply, visit the website. Deadline is April 15.

The Jerwood New Work Fund invites artists to apply for funding for the research, development, creation, production and dissemination of new work. According to the website, the Fund particularly seeks “innovative research and development processes; diverse cross-art form investigations; new collaborations and/or cross-art form partnerships; new work on a new scale for the applicant(s); new work outside institutional contexts; new work that challenges existing practices.” For full details, funding amounts and to apply, visit the website. This is the first application cycle for the Jerwood New Work Fund. Deadline is March 4.

The European Commission invites artists to apply for their funding and tender opportunities. Careful attention must be paid to which countries are eligible and it is important to understand all of the guidelines before applying. In brief, “Proposals should identify and study artistic productions that have generated new thinking, engagement and possibly action in relation to contemporary societal challenges as experienced in Europe. In doing so, they should capture and analyse motivations, philosophies, modes of engagement and impact from a comparative, geographically balanced and multidisciplinary perspective. They should identify and analyse projects and actions that have succeeded in mobilising members of our societies for a common cause, including sections of society which might otherwise remain remote from such initiatives, and identify their success factors as a basis for recommendations to policy makers.” For full details, including a list of eligible countries, visit the website. Deadline is March 14.

Praxis Center dedicates itself to helping artists just like you live up to their full potential. We take art out of the studio and into the world with tips on how to secure funding, get your work into galleries, and craft all the materials you need to create your own successful art business. When you join for just $40/month, you unlock the safe, so to speak. You take possession of the tools you need to get in control and turn your art into a viable career.

Photo credit: Jerwood Arts

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