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Why Bother With Community

Community. It is a simple word and yet it means so much. Your community defines your days, your way of life, it is so much more than just the people you see from day to day and with whom you interact. Every successful artist has a community behind them of some kind, whether large or small. Art can not exists in a vacuum.

Developing your community is one critical step along the path of your artistic career. Those around you will hold you up and have your back. They will be your network of connections and your cheering section. Our students discover the value of community on a daily basis. The nurturing atmosphere created in our virtual classroom offers benefits far beyond simply being a group of like-minded thinkers. Praxis student Beatriz sums it up nicely:

“Thank you Brainard. Over the years I have come to value this community SO MUCH! It is a wonderful one!

We are so fortunate at Praxis Center to have a wonderful community of artists who see each other through thick and thin. Together we cultivate a culture of support and camaraderie, holding each other up and catching one and other when we stumble. This is what community is all about. And it is one of so many reasons to consider joining Praxis Center for just $40/month. Not only do you gain access to valuable information, you discover a community waiting for you to join. See you there.

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