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Slow and Steady, As They Say…

It is perhaps an understatement to say that life is busy. We can barely find time to do the things required of us many times, let alone time to do the things we want or that will enrich our lives. For many artists, trying to balance the demands of work, life, and their artistic practice is a serious juggling act.

Praxis student Dawn sums up this struggle well in her recent post and also highlights what can be accomplished by merely sticking to the plan even if you don’t move along at record pace. In her own words:

HI Everyone, it’s been a while–I started the course in January–and about 1/3 through but even if I am slow, I have been making progress that I wanted to share. I’ve used what I learned to visit and scout out galleries and approach them. It takes some a long time to say yes or no, but thanks Brainard Carey for advising to continue UNTIL you get an answer, because some of them took several months to get a YES. I am in 2 galleries now, and have permission to come show work at 2 more and was invited to hang in a restaurant and hospital for a month. I also had my first solo show in March-April which the gallery committee said was one of their best attended openings. I am working through the courses on how to look for grants and residencies, etc now.

Keeping you eye on the prize is the first step. No matter how quickly you are able to move forward, the trick is to keep moving forward. There is no reason to feel pressure to accelerate your efforts as long as you are continually working toward your goals. Consistency is far more important than speed.

At Praxis Center, we design our courses with busy artists in mind. There are no deadlines to complete your studies and while we do encourage and even instruct time management, we understand that this can mean many things to many people. For some, the ability to quickly complete a course may be at hand while others may need twice the time. The beauty of our courses is that they are designed to be consumed at your pace. Enroll today for just $40/month and start down the road to future success. Make a deal with yourself to see this through no matter how long it takes. Set aside time that you can afford to spare and watch your goals unlock one by one.


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