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It’s Not All About You

Sometimes it is too easy to feel jaded in our jagged edged world. Getting mired deep in the muck of the daily news, images of destruction and devastation all around us and feeling powerless to help can all contribute to a serious case of outrage fatigue. It is nice to consider ways to give back, however large or small, things you can do that will help others and at the same time make you feel good at the end of the day knowing that you have done something to make the world a better place. As an artist, you are in a unique position to share a valuable skill set. Sharing your time and talents is also a great way to build community for your growing arts career. This week in our opportunities newsletter, we take a look at some programs that invite artists to use their talents and time to lift others up. And along the way you’ll surely find something wonderful in it for you, too.

Art in Action
You and I know the importance of art in education. But despite this being a critical skill set, too many kids are missing out. Art in Action aims to narrow that gap, bringing art education to kids across the country. They provide comprehensive training to their volunteers so that even those who have never taught art before can feel confident and help bring the arts to the children of their communities. For more details about the program and how to volunteer, visit their website.

International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA)
A non-government organization (NGO) partnered with the United Nations, InSEA strives to promote education through the arts around the world. A visit to their homepage reveals many opportunities to get involved in large and small ways, whether through participating in an open call or sharing insights with peers around the world. For more information and membership, visit the website.

World Federation of Friends of Museums
The arts are important out of the classroom, too. That’s where WFFM comes in. This global organization aims to bring together a community of supporters of the arts to exchange ideas and experience. WFFM supports museums by connecting groups of Friends of Museums in countries all over the world to promote a central mission. For more information, and guidelines for membership, visit the website.

While volunteering may not be in your scope right now, it could be sometime down the line. And if it is possible for you now, it can be a great way to network while doing some good and feeding your soul. At Praxis Center we know well that building your community is one of the best ways to advance both personally and professionally. And in our world, where there is often bad news more than once a day, now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and do some real good for the here and now and for generations to come.

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