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Something in the AIR

There are those who say no life is complete until we have stepped quite firmly outside of what’s comfortable to explore new places and learn about new people and ideas. For artists, this concept manifests in the artist residency, a time-honored tradition that each and every artist ought to strive for. If nothing else, residency forces an artist to leave the comfortable confines of his or her own familiar space and create in a place that might not be perfectly planned or lived-in. Here are a few residency programs to consider.

NES has a few remaining placements available for a winter residency in Iceland. Those selected for this process-based residency will have the opportunity to experience the intense beauty of Iceland in the winter months. Residencies last for one to three months and all participants stay in shared artist housing. There is a fee for the residency period but the residency offers ample opportunities to show work. To learn more and to apply, visit the website. Deadline is November 18.

Hovinkartano Arts and Culture Center, located in Finland, asks artists to explain what sort of residency would be most beneficial and potentially profitable for their careers. The center, located in a historic manor house, is operational during the summer months when artists can stay for a duration of one or two weeks. Some of the cost of accommodation is offset to minimize costs for the artists. Hovinkartano prefers to acquire at least one work from each artist in residence for their permanent collection. To learn more and to apply, visit the website. Application deadline is November 30.

MASS MoCA invites artists to apply for the 2019 residency program. There is no application fee and many artists are eligible to receive financial assistance. Those accepted live in apartments (four artists to each) across the street from attractive studio space with wonderful natural light all located on the MASS MoCA campus. The residency space is located in a busy downtown area (MASS MoCA advises sensitive sleepers to take note) and all artists enjoy one communal meal per day with other residents. To learn more and to apply, visit the website. Deadline is January 7.

At Praxis Center, part of our job is to continually push you outside your narrow comfort zone. We offer the resources to find the residencies you need and want and the toolkit to be accepted and push our journey a step further. Join us today for just $40/month and experience the profound impact that residency can have on your life. Remember, you’ll never land a residency you don’t apply for.


Photo creditNES Iceland

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