Sunday, September 24, 2023

Taking Flight

Every parent knows there will come a day when the baby they once held in their arms will be grown and ready to fly the nest to make their own life. It is a bittersweet moment to be sure, watching someone you have nurtured claim their independence. We here at Praxis are lucky in so many ways, not the least of which is the privilege of watching with pride (and a measure of sadness) when one of our incredible students flies, if only for a time.

We know that there may come a day when some of our artists need a break to pursue the opportunities they have created with the tools they have cultivated in our courses and through our community. This is what we live for. Here, in her own words, is one of our students ready to take that mighty leap and we couldn’t be more proud:

Hello Brainard, Julia, Cheryl, and fellow artist friends and colleagues

I have enjoyed sharing ideas with you and learning together.

I have to take a break to economize to pay my monthly fee for my new opportunity – which I just learned about:

I was selected to be an Artist in Residence for one year at the place where I had my solo exhibition this summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled – Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD. I begin in November!!

Please keep me in your thoughts and you’re in mine.

Knowing when it might be time to move away from our lessons for a while, making room to apply the skills you have honed, is a major milestone. The beauty of our community and our classroom model is that it is all designed to be taken in at your own pace. You can go away for a bit and come back whenever your heart desires.

Praxis Center is a school for artists, and moreover it is a school for grown ups. Those individuals who know they have something to learn but also know when it’s OK to step aside for a time to pursue the next opportunity. We offer nothing but support to all who walk through our virtual doors and we hold no one under obligation to do anything more than better themselves and advance their careers. Won’t you join us and find a community of supporters who want to see you succeed?



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