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Think Your Work is Done? Think Again.

Achieving a milestone in your career is a reason to celebrate. It is a time to reflect upon the hard work and perseverance that have brought you to where you stand. It is a time to shout from the roof tops, announce your victory, let the world know that you are an artist, without apology.

But (you knew there’d be a but, didn’t you…) achieving a milestone does not mean that work stops. On the contrary.

Praxis student Andree knows this well. Recently she accepted an invitation but knew that in accepting she was not reaching the end of a journey, rather she was just stepping foot on a brand new road. In her own words:

This is me excited because I have been invited to join Arts Prescott Gallery and coop!!! I am thrilled and look forward to begin showing my work at this gallery on Courthouse square in Prescott, Arizona next month. Many thanks for your encouragement and support. Now the work begins.”

And now the work begins. That right there is how a true artist thinks. How anyone committed to turning their passion into a career thinks about what lies ahead. Achieving a sought after goal is no time to sit back and relax. It is the catalyst for what comes next.

For every artist, it is critical to recognize the need for constant renewal. Art is not a static profession, it is one that bends and shifts as the world around it changes and influences what comes next. Whether those influences are the political climate or the introduction of a co-op breathing new life into your practice, you must remain open to them and act. Above all, you must act.

Let’s face it, sustaining this level of energy isn’t easy. At Praxis Center we are well aware of this and we are here to help. We offer the sort of motivation every artist needs to keep moving forward. With your membership for just $40/month (which, by the way, is about $30 less than most people spend on coffee each month) you gain access to our full suite of courses designed with artists just like you in mind. We cover all the topics that you need to launch and sustain your career. But that’s not all. You also receive full access to our virtual classroom where you can confer with our team of experts as well as a community of your colleagues and peers. This sort of support is invaluable and a critical component in the path to a successful career. Our students speak for themselves, join us today and find your next journey.

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  1. Hello-
    Are you aware of the 18 art institutes, that are closing this year? Many students will be left in the lurch.
    There is a solution, I suggest they find you. Also working artists to talk with.


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