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This Inspires Us so Much

We take great pride in knowing that our students feel an immediate sense of possibility when they join Praxis. It never ceases to inspire us watching each of them grow and become more confident in their own shoes as artists in charge of their own destinies and their own art businesses. We truly relish hearing the ways that our courses, community and expertise changes the course of the careers of each and every artist who comes through our virtual door.

One of the things that makes this all work is the energy our students bring to the table. They arrive ready to work hard for what they have always wanted and to step outside their comfort zone in the name of progress. You are only as much as you are willing to give, and here in their own words is one of our artists, Noelle, telling us exactly how ready she is to dive in and get to work:

SO excited to have signed up, it is already helping me get really organized, love how you break down the writing parts with assignments, examples and challenges. Ill be asking questions in the group soon ??”

These comments energize us and remind us just why we are here every day, working toward a common goal. We know that each and every one of the artists who joins us has great potential just waiting to be unlocked. And we are so very pleased to provide the keys that may have been alluding them for some time.

Praxis Center teaches the things you may not learn in art school or necessarily intuit when you make the decision to pursue an artistic career. We tackle the nuts and bolts so that you are equipped with the very best toolkit possible to take on the art world and succeed. When you join for just $40/month you unlock great potential. We can’t wait to meet you and watch you discover what you need to know to take the next step in your artistic career.

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