Sunday, September 24, 2023

This is Amazing

We like to brag. Praxis students consistently achieve amazing things and nothing makes us prouder or reinforces the hard work our artists put in every single day. Making the choice to pursue a career in art takes the courage to show the world something quite personal and the willingness to work hard even when you aren’t quite feeling it. But putting so much of yourself into your work makes it all the sweeter when the results are positive. And every so often we like to round up a couple of student successes to show you the amazing things Praxis artists are achieving. Here they are in their own words:

Just a positive post – patting myself on the back for selling two paintings this past weekend! (actually, I made them and an art consultant sold them.) Yay! At this point now, over half of the paintings in my solo show (this past January) have sold and I’m thrilled!!

i officially sold 2 pieces from my show and two more are on a payment plan with deposit. This feels different than commission. This is the first time I’ve made this kind of sale…I can pay a bill or two, buy some organic food 😛 …I even sold a tiny little work on paper…I can’t even describe how this feels…this is thee best…more please…” -Misty

4 paintings in group show at BWAC in red hook, Bklyn May 11-July 7.
(Saturdays & Sunday’s only)
481 Van Brunt St door #7” -Marcia

Today, StartTV, a CBS affiliate network, will be airing :30 and :60 spots of an interview that they did with me about my photography career.” -Karen

We could go on all day. Our students work hard and when they achieve amazing things we glow with pride. And so do the artists – of course. They know that the success they have found is all down to their tenacity and the skills they hone as Praxis Center members. Our courses are specially designed to focus on the business aspects of the art world. We help you understand how to approach galleries, locate – and apply for – funding opportunities and residencies, how to manage your time, your finances, and even how to reach out to potential patrons and sponsors. When you join Praxis you unlock all this an more. There is a career waiting out there for you. Isn’t it time you took hold of it?

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