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Top Artist Residencies in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn has firmly established itself as a major seat of arts and culture in New York. This home for nouveau-bohemianism has caught up with Chelsea and SoHo when it comes to cool factor. In Brooklyn, a positively vibrant arts scene has sprung up and with it all the opportunities such an atmosphere brings. Here you will find world class galleries showing work by both emerging and established artist, foundations offering up support in all forms, and a collection of residencies designed to help artists discover or rediscover their craft. Brooklyn is many things to many people and it very well may be the destination for your next residency. Read on for some of the top in the area.

Brooklyn Arts Exchange
This residency was initially designed around the needs of two artists in the early 90s. Together with the organization, they put together a plan for their own needs. Today, BAX is still committed to helping artists attain what they need in order to advance their careers. All artists in residence at BAX receive priority rehearsal space, a small annual stipend, and access to advisors and other resources through the exchange during the course of their residencies.

Brooklyn Art Space/Trestle Art Space
Residencies at Trestle Art Space in conjunction with Trestle Gallery are open twice a year. Residents received discounted studio space and advisory assistance. All residents also receive full benefits of membership which includes 24/7 access to facilities, a host of free and discounted classes, and much more.

New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation
Located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NARS Foundation residencies are open to U.S. and international applicants. Residents have access to shared workspace and a community of other artists with whom to network and collaborate. During the course of the residency (which can last either three or six months) participants will meet with studio visitors each month, have access to a team of curators and other artists, and share in presentation space. Applications are being accepted now.

Silent Barn
This vibrant artist collective offers both shared workspace as well as shared living space. Upstairs from the actual working studios are a handful of apartments which resident artists share giving them the opportunity to work in close proximity. Residents have access to performance spaces, a thriving community, and more. One studio space is available at this time as well as one coming for summer 2017.

There are three residency opportunities at BRIC. The Workspace Residency offers exactly what the name suggests, a dedicated space for artists to develop and further their work. The Workspace Residency is designed for mid-career artists. BRIClab Residency offers mentoring, development opportunities, and a small stipend. This residency is based on development and commissioning for NY based artists. Finally, Fireworks Residency brings together artists from multiple disciplines and allows them the time and resources to collaborate.

Located in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, Triangle offers studio space and community to those wishing to develop ambitious and experimental projects. There is an emphasis on dialogue at Triangle. Artists are responsible for their own housing, materials, and travel.

Pioneer Works
Since 2012, Pioneer Works has been offering residencies in visual arts, music, and technology aimed at allowing artists to share workspace and engage in community to further their work. The visual artist residency offers studio space. 2018 residency applications open in the fall.

Smack Mellon
In 2000, Smack Mellon launched its Artists Studio Space as a response to the crisis of affordable space in New York. Resident artists receive 24/7 access to studio space for eleven months as well as a fellowship. Participants also have access to studio technologies including editing software, projectors, HD printers and more. All resident artists must use their allotted studio space a minimum of 50 hours per month.

Residency Unlimited
These residencies, typically lasting one or two months, are tailored to the individual needs of the artists participating. Residents receive ongoing support from before their arrival. Assistance is available in locating housing as well as studio space if need be. Throughout the residency, participants have access to networking opportunities, workspace, presentation space, and more.

Brooklyn Art Cluster
Offering three and six-month residencies, BAC helps nurture creativity and brings international artists together for a community experience. The three-month program offers a group exhibition at the culmination and the six month offers a solo exhibition opportunity. Although applications for 2018 are now closed, this no-fee application is available annually. Check BAC’s website for full details.

This well-known and respected residency program offers opportunities to artists involved in technology and technologists whose work supports the arts. Participants receive ongoing mentorship and have access to experts in the arts, business, technology, and other useful areas. The facilities at Eyebeam are exceptional and resident artists receive a generous stipend. Applications typically open in the spring for each year’s residency programs.

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